LETTER: Vote For Congressman Seth Moulton On November 8, He Will Preserve Our Freedoms At Home And Ensure Security & Liberty Abroad

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to the editor in order to highlight Congressman Seth Moulton’s town Hall on October 17th, where he once again showed his commitment to defending American values at home and abroad.

He opened by emphasizing the critically important place of history within education, particularly for understanding America’s shortcomings if we are to have any hope of redressing them, and continued by resoundingly decrying the recent surge across the country in book-banning and book removals from school libraries as “just about the most un-American thing that I have seen in my lifetime,” rightly pointing out the parallels to the sweeping purges of books by Nazi Germany in the past and the Chinese Communist Party in the present.

He went on to demonstrate his admirable consistency in advocating for freedom across the globe, whether that means forcefully disagreeing with the administration’s ongoing abandonment of so many Afghan allies and ponderous response to the initial threat of invasion to Ukraine from Vladimir Putin, or strongly supporting the administration’s later recovery in reaction to that invasion by flowing weapons to Ukraine and rallying NATO and beyond to confront Putin’s menace, or embarking on a bipartisan mission to tour the front lines of the confrontation with China in the western Pacific and take the pulse of America’s defenses and fighting forces there, in contrast to both the administration’s uneven commitment to taking China’s menace seriously enough and to the increasingly naked isolationism and even admiration for authoritarianism that is consuming the Republican Party.

It is clear that Congressman Seth Moulton is exactly the type of leader we need in place in order to preserve our freedoms at home and ensure security and liberty abroad; would that we had more of him in Congress and throughout government, so please get out and vote for him this Tuesday, November 8th, as if your future depends upon it, for especially in these times, it surely does.

Mark McGlone

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