LETTER: Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Years Ago? Avoid One-Party Rule & Vote For Diehl & Allen On Tuesday

Dear Editor,

Happy Monday before the election, Wilmington! Tuesday will be the midterm election day across the country and our day that we can change the direction of our state. Much has happened in the last two years that we must reflect on while deciding who gets that most valuable vote. Over the past two years, we have had to endure government mandated lock-downs which resulted in an untold number of small business closures, which kept millions relying on government handouts. We were forced to abide by some draconian absurd requirements like walking one way down grocery aisles, and forced to mask while walking through restaurants while sitting did not require one. We forced our most vulnerable citizens, our children to attend class in their bedrooms instead of schools where they could hone their interpersonal skills. Then we were told we must take a medicine that would stop the spread of COVID that in the end not only did it not work, it quite possibly did harm to thousands.. We lived through a disastrous military withdrawal from Afghanistan which cost the lives of 13 servicemen and untold numbers of allies living there. We have seen a massive transportation crisis unfold before our very eyes with goods destined for sale sitting in ships unable to come into port for offload. We have seen baby food become as scarce as winning lottery tickets and we have seen such a humanitarian crisis at the border with 5 million crossings this year alone and hundreds dead at the hands of human smugglers. We have seen the stock market drop several years of gains resulting in 401ks dropping like an anchor. We have seen gas prices rise over 100 percent and now we are facing a heating oil disaster which will cost a home owner over 1500 dollars to fill their 275 gallon oil tank, that’s if you will be able to find a company not rationing oil. To top this off, this week we learned we will most likely face rolling blackouts when the cold weather sets in because of a lack of Natural Gas. This looks more like a bad episode of Family Guy than real life but unfortunately this is our reality. Fortunately it can be fixed.

I would like to know, are you better off than you were two years ago? I don’t know anyone that can answer that question with a yes. Since early 2021 our country has been under one party rule and this is our outcome. On November 8th we have two choices, who to vote for and whether we eat or heat our home. We cannot allow our state to fall under that same one party rule that has brought our economy to its knees, the ramifications are just unthinkable. Because of this I am asking you to vote for Geoff Diehl and Leah Allen for Governor. Geoff and Leah have been at the front of conservative grassroots efforts to lower taxes, shrink government and protecting voter integrity. Geoff has pledged to never mandate our small businesses to close again, and he has pledged to rehire those state workers that were fired for refusing to take the experimental jab. Our state needs leadership that understands the working man/women and Geoff and Leah possess those qualities. Massachusetts will become a much more sane place to reside with them heading up Beacon Hill

Further, keep in mind while voting Today’s average heating oil price for our area is $5.79 a Gallon. That amounts to 1592.00 to fill your heating oil tank.

In closing I will also ask that you cast a vote for the following

Bob May for Congress
Rayla Campbell for Secretary of State
Sal DeFranco for State Senate – A Veteran and former Navy Seal, not a career politician.
Anthony Amore for Auditor
Jay McMahon for Attorney General

Thank you,
Rob Fasulo

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