Wilmington Police Investigating Carjacking & Assault & Battery From Wednesday Morning

Below is a press release from the Wilmington Police Department:

WILMINGTON, MA — Chief Joseph Desmond reports that the Wilmington Police Department is investigating an alleged carjacking and an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, being a motor vehicle, which occurred today around 12:30am on Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning, Wilmington Public Safety Dispatch received a 911 call from an individual at a business located on the 800 block of Main Street requesting police assistance. The caller reported that an individual drove onto the property of the business and allegedly threatened a couple of employees and directed them to leave their vehicle or they were going to get hurt.

Wilmington Police Officers responded to the scene and a suspect was located in the parking lot of another area business. The individual attempted to leave the scene in a minivan and as he did, he rammed the marked police cruiser being driven by the officer.

Wilmington Police Officers pursued the vehicle from Wilmington through the Town of Tewksbury and into the City of Lowell before the operator of the vehicle stopped the vehicle on the VFW Highway, in the City of Lowell near the Aiken Street Bridge. The operator subsequently exited the vehicle and climbed over a fence into an area along the banks of the Merrimack River.

The suspect has not yet been identified or apprehended and an extensive search is being undertaken in the City of Lowell, in the area of the Merrimack River, where the suspect may have entered, while fleeing from police officers.

This is an active investigation being conducted by the Wilmington Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

A search of the area was started immediately and is ongoing. Resources from the Lowell Police and Fire Departments, the Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, Tewksbury Police, and several other public safety agencies are or have been involved in the extensive search of the Merrimack River and its banks.

Anyone with information into this matter is urged to call the Wilmington Police
Department Criminal Bureau at 978-658-5071.

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