Wilmington Teen To Organize Halloween Event On October 21 For Kids Who Have Difficulty Going Trick Or Treating

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington 14-year-old Tessa Labrecque is organizing a free Trick or Treat event for children with autism on Friday, October 21, 2022, from 4pm to 6:30pm, at the Friendship Lodge (32 Church Street).

“I created the Step Up Trick or Treat Night after reading a story of a boy with autism who was turned away from receiving candy because he can not say trick or treat. Because he is non-verbal,” wrote Labrecque. “It made me think of all the kids that probably don’t get to experience trick or treating due to medical conditions that prevent them for doing things I have done my whole life and that makes me sad.”

Labrecque invites kids and families who have restrictions that interfere with them being able to go door-to-door trick or treating on Halloween night.

“Some kids are handicapped and they would need a ramp to get to the doors. Or some have diabetes and can not eat sugar. Many kids suffer from anxiety and going up to random doors might be a trigger. Or kids with autism or any other condition may prevent them for talking. I have also heard of a lot of kids are too scared to go due to the costumes,” Labrecque added.

The October 21 event will include trick or treat tables inside and outside the building. Giveaways will include sensory toys and candy with sugar-free options. Halloween t-shirts will also be raffled off. Costumes are welcomed, but not required. Scary costumes are discouraged.

If the event goes well, Labrecque hopes to hold similar ones for other holidays.

If you’d like to make a donation towards Labrecque’s efforts, you can make a contribution on her GoFundMe page, where she’s already raised more than $1,800.

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