LETTER: Seniors Already Supported A New High School, Middle School & Public Safety Building, And Will Support A New Wildwood; Please Support A New Senior Center

Dear Editor,

The senior citizens of today, know that the senior citizens of tomorrow are thinking that a new senior center does not effect them. They are just not there, yet! But soon they will be and they will need a place to stay active.

The new Senior center is for you!

When I ask people if they go to the Senior Center, they give me a look like “that’s for old people”. But I say that there are “young” old people and I encourage them to come and join us.

The Senior Center is more than a building. It comforts the lonely, provides a perfect place to make new friends, and has the resources to promote healthy aging.

There is a wealth of information to be learned from the staff and each other.

The programs at the Senior Center are for young and old alike. There is coffee and conversation, exercise programs for all ages, card games, trips, and more. But we are running out of space and parking to hold programs.

The Senior citizens have supported the new High School, the Middle School, sports fields, and the Public Safety building. On March 8, 2022, the senior citizens voted in favor of the Wildwood School project. We are now asking for your support for a new senior Center.

Please vote YES on November 19, 2022 for a new Senior Center @ 9 AM at the High School auditorium. It’s Our Time!

Thank you,

Audrey Reed

New Senior Center

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