BUSINESS BRIEF: Wilmington’s Security Innovation Offers Free, Hands-On Software Training

Below is a press release from Wilmington-based Security Innovation:

WILMINGTON, MA — Security Innovation, the leader in software security assessments and training, today announced it would be offering free training to help build AppSec skills based on the popular OWASP Top 10 and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks.

To show off the latest addition to CMD+CTRL Base Camp, the industry’s most popular security training platform for software teams, the company is offering a series of newly released Lab Journeys designed to build skills quickly through immersionThese practice scenarios are a key component of Security Innovation’s unique Learn Practice Master model. Learners are trained to spot vulnerabilities and eradicate them to defend software against attacks, all done in completely safe simulation container.

Program details:

  • When: October 5 – October 31
  • What: 40 hands-on labs covering 3 essential topics:
    • OWASP Top 10: goes beyond simple vulnerability explanation and are demonstrated on deployed software applications.
    • Attack: puts users directly in the attacker’s seat to learn how software is exploited.
    • Defend: focuses on countermeasures and controls to make more software more resilient.
  • Where:

About CMD+CTRL Base Camp

CMD+CTRL Base Camp goes beyond the code to offer cybersecurity professionals a combination of different learning modalities (online courses, labs, and cyber ranges) in a single interface that takes users on a learning journey appropriate to their role, level, and technology. Learners obtain the security skills and capabilities they need to build, operate and defend software, not simply check off compliance or solve puzzles. The training also enables learners in various job roles, such as developer, tester, architect, cybersecurity professional, etc., to work together with the common goal of reducing organizational risk.

Utilizing the three learning modalities together creates the capabilities and motivation that one modality alone cannot. CMD+CTRL Base Camp courses provide the knowledge foundation while labs provide the hands-on skills for incorporating that knowledge, and the real-world cyber ranges provide the eye-opening hacker view of the real-world implications of software and cloud vulnerabilities.

About Security Innovation

Security Innovation is a pioneer in software security and literally wrote the book on How to Break Software Security. Since 2002, organizations have relied on the company’s assessment and training solutions to secure software wherever it runs. Recognized 6x on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for computer-based security training, CMD+CTRL Training combines role-based courses with hands-on cyber ranges to build skills that stick. With over 3.5 million users, CMD+CTRL helps all software security stakeholders address the risk of today’s tech stacks – flawed design, defenseless code, expanded attack surface, and misconfigured deployments. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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