POLICE LOG for September 21: Train Crossing Gate At North Wilmington Station Struck Twice In Same Day; Catalytic Converters Stolen

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log from Wednesday, September 21, 2022:
  • Truck from company on Industrial Way is missing a catalytic converter. (1:38am)
  • A catalytic converter theft was reported on Eames Street. (8:00am)
  • A tractor trailer unit knocked down a train crossing gate at North Wilmington station. Police stopped tractor trailer at 93 South ramp at Concord Street. Operator was advised to be more cautious at railroad crossings. Keolis notified and responded. Train operators were ordered to exit trains and walk it over the crossing until gate was fixed. A Keolis employee stayed stationed at the crossing. (8:52am)
  • A caller reported a tractor trailer unit hit and broke the train gate at the North Wilmington station. Keolis notified and responded. (3:04pm)
  • Police notified RMLD of a blown transformer on Cook Avenue. (5:53pm)
  • A caller reported a vehicle with no placard parked in a handicap spot outside Planet Fitness. Police responded. Operator was unaware he parked in a handicap spot and quickly moved his vehicle to a regular spot. (9:29pm)

(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)

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