LETTER: Fasulo Endorses Geoff Diehl & Leah Cole Allen For Governor & Lt. Governor

Dear Editor,

How time flies, Here we are in the middle of yet another election season and it feels like we just got out of the bitter cold winter months. Time just seems to be flying by. As most of us know, Tuesday is primary day in Massachusetts and most of you will be asked which ballot your going to pull. I am humbly asking you to pull a Republican ballot and cast your vote for two fantastic candidates, Geoff Diehl and Leah Cole Allen.

Why endorse these candidates? There are a million and one reasons. First, Geoff is a family man. He has a young wife and two young girls. Geoff and his wife are small business owners so they know the headaches that come with running a business in our state. Geoff is a long time Republican and has served on beacon hill in the House of Representatives for his home town. Geoff has been at the forefront of many of the important grassroots issues that Massachusetts has faced. Geoff lead the fight against automatic gas tax increases in 2014 which repealed the gift our legislature gave themselves in 2013 which would have tied the gas tax to the CPI. You think gas prices are high now? Image what they would be had Geoff not spearheaded this fight. This year, Geoff was at the front of the petition to repeal the licenses for illegals law which would have not only given illegal immigrants drivers licenses but it would also have given them the ability to register to vote. Not only did Geoff turn in thousands of signatures himself but he asked his entire campaign volunteers to focus on signatures and not think about his race. Geoff has been here in the past and will continue to be advocating on our behalf in the future. I could go on but you get the point

I have known Geoff for many years, I was honored to have his endorsement when I ran for selectman. Geoff is not only a leader but he is a leader we can be proud of. While many on the other side want you to believe Geoff is an extremist, the fact is he is not. Geoff is a man of principal, and While Geoff is a conservative, he will no doubt find solutions that fall somewhere in the middle when necessary and will fight when the time comes that he needs to fight. Geoff will no doubt make Massachusetts better.

My second endorsement is for Geoff’s running mate Leah Cole Allen. Leah is a former Rep. from Peabody whom served on the Public Health and Elder Affairs committee. When she left the State House in 2015 she became a registered nurse. Leah worked through the COVID pandemic on the COVID wing of her hospital while there was no vaccine available. When the COVID mandates hit Leah was pregnant and did not want to get vaccinated. She was fired for this refusal like many others in the state.

On a personal level, Leah is overall a nice person and a great mom. I have had the pleasure of spending many days with her and her family and they are the “folks next door”. She’s always available for an email or a phone call, and she listens. She’s down to earth and is has loads of common sense. She is not in this race with some hidden agenda, she’s in this race because she cares. She’s the type of person most of us want as an elected leader.

I ask you to join me in casting your vote for Diehl/Allen on Tuesday.

Thank you
Rob Fasulo

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