Recent Wilmington Real Estate Transactions

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are recent real estate transactions in Wilmington:

Address: 104 Andover Street
Price: $700,000
Buyer: Ryhor Nalehach & Nadzeya Cheshka
Seller: Eric & Stefanie Ryan
Date: 8/5/22
Use: 1-Family Residential

Address: 15 Green Meadow Drive
Price: $1,175,000
Buyer: David Szeto
Seller: Joseph & Teresa Pesaturo
Date: 8/4/22
Use: 2-Family Residential

Address: 7 Jacobs Street
Price: $430,000
Buyer: Gabriel Soares
Seller: Jacqueline Holmes
Date: 8/4/22
Use: 1-Family Residential

Address: 278 Lowell Street
Price: $2,250,000
Buyer: KJE Realty Group LLC
Seller: John Forrest, Trustee for Arejay RT
Date: 8/5/22
Use: Comp PDv Land

Address: 164 Main Street
Price: $980,000
Buyer: Pei Crotty & Cindy Yung
Seller: Mariann & Jonathan Gaspredes
Date: 8/1/22
Use: 1-Family Residential

Address: 99 McDonald Road
Price: $1,230,000
Buyer: Stephanie Chang & Christopher Lai
Seller: North Wilmington Estates LLC
Date: 8/2/22
Use: Residential Developed Land

Address: 1 Serenoa Lane
Price: $1,125,000
Buyer: Michael Ortiz & Ranjita Singh-Ortiz
Seller: Christopher Madore & Jessica Barry
Date: 8/1/22
Use: 1-Family Residential

Address: 3 Strout Avenue
Price: $1,505,000
Buyer: Joseph P. Palmieri & Joseph L. Palmieri
Seller: Kimberly & Jillian Middlemiss
Date: 8/1/22
Use: 1-Family Residential

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