Town Issues Progress Update On Middlesex Ave. / Lubber’s Brook Culvert Replacement Project

Below is an update from the Town of Wilmington:

WILMINGTON, MA — Work continues on the highly anticipated planned replacement of a structurally deficient large-scale drainage culvert on Middlesex Ave (Route 62) over Lubber’s Brook in North Wilmington.  This challenging project has many dimensions, including environmental planning, structural engineering and construction, groundwater challenges, and associated utility work.  It is not simply a replacement of a small scale drainage pipe.  Below is a general overview of work completed on the project thus far.  Check back often for updates as the project progresses.  Questions regarding the project can be directed to the DPW’s Engineering Division at 978-658-4499.

Planned Work for Week of August 1, 2022:

 *   Set the culvert footings on top of the stone and geotextile fabric
 *   Install final reinforcing steel to the footing forms
 *   Pour the culvert footings
 *   Finish assembly of culvert adjacent to the excavation site

Work Completed During Week of July 25, 2022:

 *   Strapped up the Verizon communication utility duct bank so that it is completely supported and independent during the project.
 *   Completely removed both headwalls and the existing culverts.  Note the advanced corrosion on the existing metal culverts.  The planned replacement of these units was justified given their poor structural condition.
 *   Completed major dewatering operations.  A second Frac tank has been brought to the site to help dewatering efforts.  Despite drought conditions, area groundwater levels appear relatively high, making dewatering a major construction constraint.  Efforts to control groundwater have been largely successful thus far.  
 *   Excavated the road completely, almost down to footing grade.  This is a very large area given the skewed orientation of the existing culvert.
 *   Assembly of the modular culvert has resumed off to the side of the construction site.  Currently there are two fully assembled 18’ sections (2/5 of the entire culvert).
 *   The contractor worked Saturday 7/30/22 in an attempt to get ahead of schedule.  Excavation continued, getting down to the bottom of stone grade and installing the sewer main.
 *   The Town’s engineering consultant for the project, TEC Corporation, made regular inspections, ensuring work was progressing as planned.
Work Completed During Week of July 18, 2022:

 *  The contractor finished installing the dewatering pump system
 *   The contractor installed the temporary support bridge for the Verizon communication utility duct bank.  This structural unit allows the Verizon’s underground communication main to continue to function during this project.
 *   The contractor hoe-rammed out the south headwall and began hoe-ramming the north headwall
 *   Dewatering operations have begun, utilizing the large on site Frac tank
 *   Modular culvert materials and hardware have been delivered to the site, as well as the sewer utility pipes and fittings
 *   The culvert manufacturer onsite on Thursday to review the assembly procedure with the contractor.  A 20’ section was assembled in the adjacent parking lot
 *   The town’s engineering consultant for the project, TEC Corporation, reviewed planned traffic and detour patterns, and made minor adjustments to traffic signal timing and signage to help with traffic patterns and queuing.  The Wilmington Department of Public Works and Wilmington Public Safety worked cooperatively to adjust and fabricate additional signage to help with this effort.

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