Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello Provides Update On New Senior Center Project (July 2022)

Below is an update from Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello, published in the Senior Center’s latest Buzzell Buzz newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Here’s what has been happening since our last update in the June Newsletter:

On June 8, a Community Information Session was held at the Buzzell Senior Center at 5 PM. Its purpose was to reach out to the residents and allow them to tour the existing Senior Center; review site plans, floor plans and architectural renderings; and meet with the architect and our OPM (Owners Project Manager). Members of the Senior Center Building Committee, including George Hooper (Chair), Diane Allan (Vice Chair), Theresa Manganelli and Terri Marciello were present to answer questions from the 32 residents in attendance. This community outreach was well received and brought those in attendance up to date on the status of the project.

At 6 PM the regular meeting of the Senior Center Building Committee was held at the Senior Center. Many of the 32 residents who attended the information session remained for this meeting.

The architect from Dietz and Co. showed an updated floor plan with additional details. There was consensus among the Committee on the layout of the spaces as shown on the plan.

The Committee reviewed several different exterior siding and roofing options and asked the architect to price the clapboard and stone exterior option.

Three options for heating and cooling (HVAC) systems were discussed. After reviewing the pros and cons of each option, the Committee selected the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump system based on its initial cost, operating cost and flexibility.

The building structural framework will be a composite wood structure consisting of Mass Timber (engineered wood), typical wood trusses and stick framing in various parts of the building.

The next meeting of the Senior Center Building Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6 at 6 PM in the Town Hall.

Good progress is being made on the project. As we go through the Summer and into the Fall, various aspects of the project will be going on simultaneously. Stay engaged; ask questions; attend meetings. This is your Senior Center. Let’s make it what you want.

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