LETTER: Voter Supports Congressman Seth Moulton’s Foreign Policy Views On Russia’s War In Ukraine

Dear Editor,

I am writing this “letter to the editor” for the Wilmington Apple in support of the foreign policy views of Congressman Seth Moulton, in particular his deep and longstanding recognition of the need for America’s engagement in the world, and for its firm solidarity with its allies and all freedom-seeking people, in the face of the rising authoritarian tide threatening to swamp us all.

In that spirit Congressman Moulton has been pressing the administration since the very beginning of the Russian troop buildup to supply the Ukrainians with whatever they can possible use to defend themselves from Vladimir Putin’s onslaught, and to take Putin at his word that the Russian government is waging war not just against Ukraine but also against the United States, and indeed the entire free world.

This is a recognition that virtually the only calculation factoring into Putin’s decision-making is what he thinks he can get away with without suffering serious adverse consequences; Putin cares little about the mere words that he himself uses to excuse his actions, and still less what others might say in reaction to his aggressions, for the only events that impact upon his own calculus are the successes and the reversals that he perceives in the battlespace, which right now overwhelmingly consists of the literal battlefields of Ukraine.

Congressman Moulton understands the stakes of this war and the wider struggle against authoritarianism abroad and domestically; all of us who value liberty will need to come to that same understanding, if we are to have any hope of preserving our freedom.

Mark McGlone

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