Wilmington Memorial Library Announces 2022 Poetry Contest Winners

WILMINGTON, MA — Congratulations to the winners of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s 2022 Poetry Contest. The winning poems are available for reading by clicking on each title.

1st Grade Honorable MentionAvery Falanga, Super Swimming

1st Grade Honorable MentionJohn Binelli, Adventure in the Woods

1st Grade WinnerEmerico Picardi, Chasing Funny Squirrels

2nd Grade Honorable Mention – Elle McShane, A Butterfly & A Bear

2nd Grade Honorable Mention – Luke DiGiovanni, Diving Deep

2nd Grade Winner – Kristopher Valeras, My Adventure

4th Grade Honorable Mention – Izabella Robinson, Outside

4th Grade Honorable Mention – Keegan Thomas, Climb So High

4th Grade Winner – Alice Ferreira, Adventure

5th Grade Winner – Emily Falk, Just a Dream?

Middle School Honorable Mention – Cole Falk, The Dark Sea

Middle School Honorable Mention – Riley Maibor, A Thousand Nights

Middle School Winner – Emily Hall, A Wild World

High School Honorable Mention – Madeline Kruger, The Adventure of Life

High School Honorable Mention – Kelli Schuler, Vacation of a Lifetime

High School Winner – Katherine Hao, Real Adventures

Adult Honorable Mention – Bonnie Fay, The End of an Era Always Comes Too Soon

Adult Honorable Mention – Harley Monteiro, Slowdance With Me on the Moon

Adult Winner – Ruthie Baker, The Trifecta

Poetry Contest #1Poetry Contest #2

Photos courtesy of the Wilmington Memorial Library

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