Meet WCTV’s New Executive Director Sam Perkins

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television:

Meet Wilmington Community Television’s New Executive Director Sam Perkins

Hello Wilmington!

I’m Sam Perkins, the new Executive Director of WCTV and I am absolutely thrilled to be here. It’s only been a bit more than a month since I took over the station, but already I feel like I am becoming a part of the community here and I am so excited to get to tell you about the big plans underway at WCTV – and hopefully get a few of you to come through our doors and check it out as we are completely reinventing ourselves and community television.

I really don’t like to self promote, but they’re making me, so here’s a bit about myself: I have an extensive background in video production, editing, multimedia journalism and community news as well as very strong ties to Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Cambridge, Mass., attended public schools from kindergarten through high school graduation and am an alumnus of Northeastern University. Along the way I was a high school and college athlete.

Once my athletic career came to an end, I took a long and winding road to learning who I really am and what I’m passionate about: Storytelling – specifically, I truly believe that every person has a compelling story to tell. Over the years I worked for several different publications and production companies, both large and small. Twice I launched my own media outlet before selling it. I also spent time working in the corporate world as the marketing director of a brokerage, and earned multiple teaching licenses in the state and spent time teaching at several different schools. During covid, I started another production company, and also worked with several different startups using my expertise to help them market their brands and gain the funding necessary to become self-sustaining. I genuinely believe the twists and turns of my own journey, while perhaps unorthodox, have done a terrific job preparing me for this position at WCTV.

The reality is the times are changing – community television as a whole is at a crossroads, and WCTV is no exception to this. But instead of looking at this as an obstacle, I’m embracing the opportunity to completely rebrand and reinvent ourselves as an organization and re-establish ourselves as a cornerstone of the Wilmington community. Maybe you’ve noticed some of our new productions not just on our channel, but on social media – sports and the arts specifically. That’s just the tip of the iceberg to what we are trying to do, which is to shine a light on all the amazing sights, sounds and people in this community. I’ve initiated a new, cinematic style of shooting and editing, using brand new equipment.

We’re also bringing in a new, invigorated attitude. Gone are the days of “if you want to produce something, bring a crew and staff.” If you’re passionate about something, if you have an idea, come on down! Email, text, call, DM us and well help make it happen! If you think there’s something or someone notable and newsworthy in town that should be covered or profiled, please contact us! Want to learn how to edit together a dope sports highlight video or mixtape, or learn the basics of shooting, editing, etc., we’re here to teach you! Do you have a business that could use help with a new video, or marketing, or maybe you want to sponsor our coverage of an event: When I say my door is always open, I mean it!

Beyond my work at WCTV, I live locally, just a couple towns away, with my incredible wife and two amazing sons, and you can often find all of us in Wilmington (the town library is a favorite of ours).

I hope that with your support, WCTV will be able to bring you even more exciting, cutting edge programming. We’re always looking for volunteers and members who can assist us with this vision! Please stop by and visit or email me with comments, questions or ideas at: I know these are challenging times for non-profit organizations like WCTV as we face budget concerns, cord-cutting and engagement, but I am confident that with your continued support WCTV will not only survive, but continue to thrive and grow with the needs of our community. I look forward to meeting you.


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About WCTV:

WCTV is located at: 10 Waltham Street, Wilmington

Office Hours by Appointment: (978) 657-4066

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WCTV Channels: Public Channel: Verizon 37, Comcast 9

Meetings & Government: Verizon 38, Comcast 22

Access: Verizon 39. Comcast 99

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