UPDATE: Yentile Farm Restrooms Have Reopened; Will Be Accessible From 9am To 5pm, 7 Days A Week, As Long Vandalism Doesn’t Reoccur

Below is a message from Town Manager Jeff Hull:

Dear Residents,

In recognition that access to restrooms at the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility is important for many families utilizing the park, the Town will once again make the effort to accommodate that need. Repairs have been made and the restrooms cleaned and sanitized. Beginning, Saturday, April 30th restrooms will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. seven days each week. The evening hours are restricted as we believe the activities that resulted in the closure of the facilities took place at night. The revised hours are an effort to “test the waters” and determine whether the public can be accommodated to a large measure without resulting in the deplorable abuse that took place last week. It is recognized that this arrangement will not fully work for patrons who use the park later in the evening. Police personnel will continue to monitor the area to the extent their emergency response calls and other assignments permit.

Once again, the public is strongly encouraged to say something if you see abuse or destruction of property or behavior that is egregious. Please contact the Police Department at 978-658-5071. For your own personal safety, do not attempt to engage the individuals. Conditions of restrooms will be closely monitored. While it is my sincere hope that we do not see a repeat of last week’s abuse of the facilities, in the event that such abuse does occur, the restrooms will be closed again.

Your cooperation and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Yentile Field Restrooms

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