Black Belt Excellence Is Awarded At Wilmington’s Academy Of Traditional Karate

Below is a press release from the Academy of Traditional Karate:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Academy of Traditional Karate, is proud to announce that the head instructor and founder, Todd Keane, has been awarded the teaching title of Hanshi, Chief Grandmaster instructor, by his teacher, Kaicho Richie Bernard. Mr. Keane began his training 43 years ago as a young man; first in JuJitsu and shortly after moved to training in Shorin-Ryu, an Okinawan style of Karate. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and left his career at Hewlett Packard to open up his own dojo, the Academy of Traditional Karate, in 1989. He saw a real need for a comprehensive traditional karate program that focused on life skills while teaching traditional karate, a discipline in itself. Coming up on the 33 year anniversary of their dojo Todd & his wife Kristen are grateful to have had the opportunity to impact so many lives. With the help of their amazing team of dedicated instructors, the Academy has produced more than 500 world class Black Belts over the last 32 plus years.

The Academy of Traditional Karate teaches traditional Okinawan Karate and has been part of the community since 1989. They continually strive to build confidence, improve self-discipline, self-esteem and the ability to focus, in addition to teaching safety skills and self defense techniques necessary for all of their students ages 3-75. Please contact the Academy by calling (978) 658-2077 or, visit their website at for more information regarding their programs.

Todd Keane

Todd Keane, of Tewksbury, and his teacher Richard Bernard, of Methuen. Mr. Keane was presented with his Chief Grandmaster Instructor (Hanshi) diploma by Mr. Bernard at the Academy of Traditional Karate in Wilmington.

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