Tewksbury Church Offers Mission Grants To Wilmington Residents

Below is an announcement from the Tewksbury Congregational Church:

TEWKSBURY, MA —  Viola Tareila was a dedicated member of the Tewksbury Congregational Church. She served as a member of the Missions Committee and was a small business owner in Town. Upon her passing, she made a significant bequest to the church. After prayerful consideration, the membership of TCC voted to establish a Tareila Missions Grant Program in her honor.


Community members who are residents of Tewksbury, Lowell, Billerica, Wilmington and surrounding areas seeking to improve the quality of life for the residents of those communities, today and in years to come. Grants should be focused on bringing the community together through activities, educational events, and community improvement.


The number and size of grants awarded will depend on the number and quality of applications received. Awards may be awarded in installments depending on the nature of the project. Total Annual Program Funding is $2,500.


Should include a detailed description of the project, including work plan, timeline, budget and any necessary permits or town cooperation. Applications are limited to two type-written pages that must be mailed or emailed to the Church. Emails should be sent to secretary.tewksburycc@gmail.com. Pictures will be required during the project and upon completion.

The application can be accessed HERE.


The project will be reviewed based on the following:

Impact & Outcomes
What is the potential benefit of the project or service to the community? Who will it serve and how? What are the measurable outcomes for the community?

How does the project meet a need in the community?

Do you exhibit the capacity to initiate and successfully execute this project? Grants should include a listing of all necessary permits as well as a timeline and budget.

A willingness to share updates with the congregation through conversation and media.

Tewksbury Congregational Church reserves the right to publicize the details of the project as they see fit. Any publicity from the project must include the following citation: “Funding for this project was provided in whole or part by the Tareila Mission Grant Program of the Tewksbury Congregational Church.”

Applications will be reviewed by the advisory committee of the Tariela Mission Grant program who are members of the Tewksbury Congregational Church.

DEADLINE for submission: April 30th, 2022

AWARDED: May 21, 2022

NOTE: Completion date of the project is required within one year of receiving the funds.

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