Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello Provides Update On New Senior Center Project (April 2022)

Below is an update from Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello, published in the Senior Center’s latest Buzzell Buzz newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Here’s what has been happening since our last Update in the March Newsletter:

The Senior Center Building Committee met on February 23 and March 23. Its next scheduled meeting is April 6 and will be an in-person meeting at the Town Hall. In addition, there will be a presentation that same afternoon, April 6, at the Senior Center at 3 PM. We will remind everyone of this meeting via our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as posting the time and date in our reception area. The architect from Dietz & Co., our OPM Dan Pallotta and 1 or 2 members of the Senior Center Building Committee will make a presentation on the status of the project and they will be available to answer questions and receive your feedback. So, mark your calendars.

Discussion at both of the recent meetings involved the interior layout of the building. Based on input from the Committee at the February 23 meeting, the architect revised the location of some of the spaces for further review at the March 23 meeting. Although much progress was made in that regard, there are still a few spaces that remain to be finalized.

The location of the building on the property generated much discussion at both meetings. After reviewing several options, the consensus of the Committee was that the option that placed the building closer to Main Street was preferred. The setback from the street would put the building approximately in line with the front of St. Dorothy’s Church. With this option, the parking would be behind the building.

The Committee and the architect have been reviewing various layouts for parking and traffic flow through the site to maximize the number of spaces and to make the entrance to the building convenient for everyone.

Regarding the building exterior, discussion took place regarding a “traditional” design and a “contemporary” design. Although no final decision was made, it appears that the Committee prefers a more “traditional” looking building.

At the March 23 meeting, a Heating/AC subconsultant for the architect gave the Committee a brief preliminary overview of the various types of heating and AC systems that are available for the building. A final decision in this regard is further down the road in this process.

Remember the afternoon meeting on April 6 at 3 PM. It is your chance to give your opinion and ask questions. This will be your Senior Center. Let’s make it what you want.

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