Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello Provides Update On New Senior Center Project (March 2022)

Below is an update from Wilmington Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello, published in the Senior Center’s latest Buzzell Buzz newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Here’s what has been happening since our last Update in the February Newsletter:

The Senior Center Building Committee met on January 26 and February 9. It is meeting again on February 23, which is too late for inclusion in this Newsletter. The February 23 meeting is going to be an in-person meeting at the Town Hall.

The Committee has also scheduled meetings for March 9 and 23. The Committee plans to meet twice a month to keep pace with the design process. We will post the meeting dates and any changes to the schedule on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We encourage you to attend these public meetings and provide input.

At the January 26 meeting, the Committee got its first look at potential layouts of the building. Discussion took place on various issues including: the outside terrace area; placement of the cafe; location of rooms to achieve better flow through the building; location of bathrooms; importance of ADA compliance; location of entrance relative to parking area; possibility of outside pavilion; and shape of the building. The architect presented historical photos of Wilmington buildings for consideration when designing the building exterior.

At the February 9 meeting, the architect presented updated building layouts. Following a discussion, the Committee reached a consensus on the most appropriate layout of the rooms and spaces. The architect and the Committee also reviewed site plans showing the location of the building and the parking areas. The pros and cons of the building at the front of the property and parking toward the rear of the property were discussed as well as the reverse with the parking in the front and the building toward the rear. The architect will be presenting additional site plan options at the February 26 meeting.

A project flyer was included with all February water bills. You will continue to see public outreach in various forms. One of which will be a public forum. It will be held when the site plans and architectural plans are further along in the design process.

Project Newsletter No. 6 is posted on the town’s website. You can access all the newsletters and links to past virtual meetings of the Committee at: www.wilmingtonma.gov/projects.

On February 16, 2022 Terri Marciello met with project architect Lee Morrissette at the Senior Center to review in more detail the proposed building layout.

The building and site plans for the project are developing quickly. We want you to be informed and involved. This will be your Senior Center. Let’s make it what you want.

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