Congressman Seth Moulton Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Prohibit Chinese Drone Purchases With U.S. Grant Funding

Below is a press release from Congressman Seth Moulton, who represents Wilmington in Washington, DC:

WASHINGTON, DC — Congressmen Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and Garret Graves (R-La.) have introduced the bipartisan Infrastructure Grant Security Act, which would prohibit the use of federal grants for the purchase of drones that are manufactured and engineered by companies associated with the Chinese government.

Drones are poised to improve daily life in unprecedented ways, from emergency response and package delivery to infrastructure safety. Moulton and Graves insist we should not move forward with this technology, however, if the security risks outweigh the broader benefits. This legislation would ensure that drones can safely be integrated into society while preserving the nation’s critical national security needs.

“Our Infrastructure Grant Security Act would make sure federal dollars are not spent on Chinese drones.  This important step would block China from easy access to sensitive data in the U.S. and strengthen our national security,” Congressman Moulton said.  “The new infrastructure law will help bring advanced technology to our communities, like smart grids and sensors to improve transportation and energy efficiency. This will reduce air pollution and make it safer for people to get around. Drones are part of that vision, but we can’t allow Chinese-manufactured drones to threaten our security and privacy – especially since we also make them right here in Massachusetts.”

“The use of drones will keep advancing, innovating and supporting American jobs and improve our global competitiveness. But as we use advanced technologies to better support our nation’s infrastructure, it’s imperative that we do so in a way that protects national security. It’s our job to ensure that as we use taxpayer funds to rebuild American infrastructure, we build up America instead of China. Our security agencies have raised concerns regarding the security of Chinese-made drones. This bipartisan bill will prohibit federal grants from being used to purchase drones that are manufactured and engineered by companies associated with the Chinese government. I greatly appreciate the partnership of Rep. Moulton on this important effort and look forward to working with him to ensure this bill becomes law,” Congressman Graves said.

The Infrastructure Grants and Security Act has been referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Subcommittee on Aviation.

Click here for the bill text.

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