Wilmington Native & New Hampshire Police Officer Matt Robinson Receives Award From Office Of Highway Safety For DWI Enforcement

HAMPTON, NH — Wilmington native and Hampton, New Hampshire Police Officer Matt Robinson was recently recognized by the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety for his efforts in DWI Enforcement. 

From October 2020 through September 2021, the Hampton Police Department made 225 DUI arrests — Robinson was responsible for 44 of those arrests and assisted in 24 others. 

“Ever year, more than 10,000 people in the US lose their lives to Drunk Driving. While we may never know what the true toll of not having stopped those 225 people would have been, we are certain that the interdiction prevented a possible loss of life,” wrote the Hampton Police Department in a statement. “Thank you Officer Robinson for all you do and your continued efforts in ensuring the safety of all drivers.”

The award is given annually by the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety to one local officer and one State Trooper who “show dedication to keeping the public safe by removing drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs from the roads.”

“I have personal knowledge of this young man,” State Police Captain Christopher Vetter told Seacoast Online. “I spent at least 10 nights working at Hampton Beach last summer, and Matt was taking impaired drivers off the roads every night. He absolutely has saved peoples’ lives; there is no question at all.”

“Getting impaired drivers off the road is something that you can do every night that really makes a difference,” Robinson told Seacoast Online. “You can keep people from crashing and hurting or killing themselves or others.”

Robinson, 33, is also one of his department’s field training officers, and previously served the role of school resource officer at Hampton Academy.

A graduate of Wilmington High School (Class of 2006), he received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Endicott College.

Matt Robinson

New Hampshire State Police Captain Christopher Vetter, Hampton Police Officer Matt Robinson, and Hampton Police Chief David Hobbs. (Photo courtesy of New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety’s Facebook page)

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