SCAM ALERT: Wilmington Police Provides Warnings On Common Scams

Below is an announcement from the Wilmington Police Department published in the latest Town Topics newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — Has someone asked you to pay a bill with gift cards? Has someone you do not know asked you to wire them cash? Has someone offered to send a courier to your home to collect money or offered to hire an Uber to bring you to the bank? THINK ABOUT IT….IT IS PROBABLY A SCAM!!


IRS IMPOSTERS: The Internal Revenue Service has demanded immediate payment for taxes owed.

BAIL/GRANDPARENT SCAM: You have been told a family member has been in an accident, or arrested and in jail, and you need to send money for bail, lawyers, court or damages. Consider having a CODE WORD with family so you can confirm you are actually talking to a family member.

GRAND PRIZE/SWEEPSTAKES WINNER: You won the grand prize in a contest, sweepstakes or lottery and must send money upfront to pay fees or taxes to claim your prize.

TECH SUPPORT: You are told your computer has been detected as having a virus or is running slow but, for a fee and access to your computer, it can be repaired.

OVERPAID CHECK: You got an internet job to work from home, or you sold something online and you received a check for too much money. Your “employer” or the “buyer” tells you to deposit the full amount and send back or wire the difference.

ONLINE DATING SCAM: You have met a new special someone online and they have gone away on a trip before meeting you in person, but they need money to get home or need to send you something to re-ship.

If you suspect a scam, before sending or handing over any money or buying any gift cards, call the Wilmington Police Department at (978) 658-5071.

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