NOTICE: Wilmington Board Of Health Approves Amendments To Town’s Health Regulations

Below is information from the Wilmington Board of Health:

WILMINGTON, MA — Notice is hereby given that the Board of Health approved the following amendments to the Board of Health regulations on October 19, 2021.

Section 8 Smoking and tobacco products

Definition: Component part:  Any element of a tobacco product, including but not limited to, the tobacco, filter, and paper.

Tobacco Product Flavor Enhancer: Any product designed, manufactured, produced, marketed, or sold to produce a characterizing flavor when added to any tobacco product. A rolling paper with a characterizing flavor shall be considered a Tobacco Product Flavor Enhancer.

Rolling Papers: Sheets, rolls, tubes, cones, or leaves, that do not contain tobacco, which are used for rolling cigarettes either by hand or with a roll-your-own machine. When rolling a cigarette, the filler may be tobacco, cannabis or other commonly smoked herbs.

8.24  Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products Prohibited:  No person shall sell or distribute or cause to be sold or distributed any flavored tobacco product, as defined herein, flavored nicotine delivery product, as defined herein, or any flavored tobacco product enhancer, as defined herein. Retailers must obtain from a manufacturer documentation certifying that products sold by the retailer, do not meet the definition of a flavored tobacco product or tobacco product flavor enhancer (105 CMR 665.010). October 15, 2018

Section  5  Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

5.4.2       The minimum size of any GEO Mat Leaching system shall be a minimum of 600 square feet.

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