Meet Hawkins, The 6-Month Old Gravely Ill Fox Rescued In Wilmington By Animal Control Officer Christopher Sullivan

CHELMSFORD, MA — Meet Hawkins, a 6-month-old fox rescued by Wilmington Animal Control Officer Christopher Sullivan and brought to Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford.

Hawkins was suffering from emaciation, sarcoptic mange, hookworms, roundworms, and blood clotting issues due to rodenticide poisoning. According to vets, he likely would not have lived another 24 hours in the wild.

Hawkins has been receiving around-the-clock medical attention since arriving at Newhouse Wildlife Rescue on Thursday, July 15, 2021. He will be receiving Vitamin K for more than a month so his blood properly clots. His parasites and mange were treated. Hawkins receives twice-a-day exams and medications, but interactions with staff are kept to a minimum to minimize his stress and keep him wild.

After two weeks of treatment, Hawkins is now able to walk again, sleep comfortably, and enjoy a full belly while being free of pain. Over time, his skin will heal, fur will grow back, and body mass and muscle tone will return.

“His limbs are still a bit shakey from atrophy, though he is walking and running pretty well,” according to Newhouse staff. “It will take some time to put more weight on. The treatment for rodenticide poisoning will go on for at least another month. Though we will remain patient for the remainder of the healing process, it’s clear that each and every day he shines a little brighter.”

Hawkins was named after Massachusetts State Representative Jim Hawkins, who has filed a bill (HD 4206) to limit the use of rat poison in the state.

The facility has been documenting Hawkins’ recovery on its Facebook page, while raising funds to build a special enclosure for foxes and bring attention to Representative Hawkins’s bill, which is being championed by local animal advocacy groups.

View some of Newhouse’s updates below.

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