NOW HIRING: Wilmington’s Little Sprouts Is Seeking ‘More Unicorns’

Below is a submission from Little Sprouts, which has a location in Wilmington at 310 Lowell Street:

WILMINGTON, MA — Dedicating your career to child care has never been easy. Yet, especially in a pandemic, those who continue to do this work are undoubtedly some of our community’s most resilient, creative, and understated unicorns.

COVID continues to upend many of our lives, and the degree of stress that this virus has brought to those caring for our babies is truly immeasurable.  Still, our early educators, teachers, and school directors continue to brighten the paths of so many children and working families.

While it’s important to recognize and process the immense hardship of the past eighteen months, it’s equally important to acknowledge the tremendous positive impact early educators continue to make right here in Wilmington.

It may be of little surprise to learn that more than 94% of early educators identify as female, with many of those females also proudly identifying as “Mom.” It’s been well-reported that women and mothers specifically have disproportionately carried the weight of quarantines, isolations, and lack of in-person connection throughout this crisis.

While many of us have continued to say “thank you” to the women, mothers, and professional educators who continue to go above and beyond for all of our children, we must also amplify our appreciation with meaningful action. That’s why Little Sprouts Early Education & Child Care Centers continue to elevate and ensure competitive teacher pay, extend 24-hour on-demand services to navigate complex housing, health, or legal issues, and provide essential health, dental, and retirement benefits.

In understanding that every little bit helps, we also worked to secure Teacher Appreciation Grants in each state we operate – resulting in teachers receiving up to an additional $1,000 for supporting their communities during the height of the COVID crisis.

Now, we want to provide an opportunity for even more resilient, creative unicorns to receive a little extra for sharing their tools, time, and talents with other leaders and enrolled families at our schools.

Learn more about how you can earn an additional $1,000 sign-on bonus when you apply for any Little Sprouts certified teaching position here in Wilmington, Massachusetts, or Southern New Hampshire.

Start a conversation about joining our supportive and thriving teaching team by telling us a bit more about you in an email to

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