GORDON: Wilmington To Receive $75K From State To Fund Traffic Control Study At Public Safety Building; $25K For Improvements At Deming Way

Below are announcements from the office of State Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford), who represents Precinct 3 in Wilmington, as well as all of Burlington and Bedford:

The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Is Finalized

The legislature passed its FY22 annual budget late last week. Some highlights include the Student Opportunity Act, which will provide funding for our schools, along with increases in local aid, and line items with funding directly for our district. Rep. Gordon is proud to advocate for the district and pleased with the outcome for our towns in this year’s budget process. He is also grateful to his colleagues, Senator Mike Barrett and Senator Cindy Friedman, for their hard work throughout the process.

The budget apportionments for Bedford, Burlington, and Wilmington are:

  • $517,000 to Bedford for the education of military families living at Hanscom Air Force Base
  • $50,000 to Burlington for the revitalization of the downtown business center (town center)
  • $25,000 to Bedford for repairs to Elm Brook footbridge
  • $100,000 split among Woburn, Arlington, Lexington, Billerica, and Burlington to address food insecurity
  • $25,000 to the Wilmington Housing Authority
  • $75,000 to Wilmington for a traffic control study at the Public Safety Building (EDITOR’s NOTE: The town has been considering installing emergency vehicle traffic control signals outside the Public Safety Building. Read more from a September 2020 article HERE.)

Advancing the Fair Share Act to The 2022 Statewide Ballot

Rep. Gordon joined his colleagues in both the House and Senate to advance an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution at a Constitutional Convention last month. The amendment creates a four percent tax on taxable income for those who make over $1 million per year. The revenue from this tax increase is estimated to be up to $2.2 billion annually. This tax would allow for greater investments in roads, bridges, and public transportation along with increasing the funding for public education, including early education and childcare and public higher ed.

The people of Massachusetts will vote on this amendment in November 2022, the last step in the legislative process for approving a constitutional amendment. The matter has already been approved in two consecutive joint sessions, and will now be on the ballot for voters.

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