Rep. Robertson, Massachusetts House Of Representatives Advance $275 Million Road & Infrastructure Bill

Below is a press release from State Rep. Dave Robertson’s Office:

BOSTON, MA — As life returns to normal and daily commuting trips rise rapidly, Representative Robertson and the House approved and advanced a bill to the Senate that would level fund local road work for municipalities as well as increase other infrastructure spending. Totaling $200 million in municipal support with an additional $75 million for specialized projects, towns and cities may spend the monies on anything from roadwork to sidewalk expansion and rainwater mitigation.

“As the pandemic brought a toll on the town budgets the state was there to stabilize local education and roadwork funding – our two most vital partnerships,” said Representative Robertson from his office following the vote. “By stabilizing state road funding for towns they can continue at the pace of construction required and not worry about impacts to local projects. Later this year, we should have additional vehicles for earmarks for sound barriers and continued roadwork on Route 38, but for the purposes of municipal finances this bill is critical.”

In addition to providing municipal support, the bill also allocated an additional $25 million to the local bridges program, which supports construction and repairs of non-federally back bridges in the Commonwealth. $25 million more was set to improve bus transit, as well as $25 million for the support of commuter rail and bus station accessibility and expansion.
The Chapter 90 program has existed for nearly 50 years, reimbursing towns and cities with state money for local road and sidewalk programs. Relying on a formula comprised of a towns population, daily commuter counts, and road mileage it is one of the largest major state-local programs along with state education funding and general municipal government assistance.

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One thought

  1. Rep Robertson stated in the new budget, bridges and sound barriers for Wilmington, I agree bridges shouldbe made safe, but we have been waiting many years for sound barriers for Wilmington, barries from Rte125 to Rte62 should not cost that much and could be done quickly, the noise from Rte93 is not good for this area

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