WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV’s Adam Dusenberry Honored With Wildcat Distinguished Service Award

Below is an announcement from from Wilmington Community Television:

WCTV Operations Manager Adam Dusenberry Honored With Wildcat Distinguished Service Award!

Adam Dusenberry, WCTV’s Operations Manager, was presented with the Wildcat Distinguished Service Award during the Wilmington High School 2021 Senior Athletic Awards Banquet.

Adam recounted, “I was recognized by the Wildcat Athletic Association for my work in getting a record number of Wildcat sporting events covered and live-streamed during a very challenging time. With spectator participation being very limited, WCTV jumped in to cover 39 sporting events in the 20-21 season. During a normal year, we usually cover about 20 events. As the staff producer for most of the coverage, I worked closely with Athletic Director, Mia Muzio, to get as many games covered as possible. None of it would have happened without our volunteer crew. WCTV relies almost entirely on volunteers from the Wilmington community to get events covered and broadcast to our local channels. Wildcat Sports is no different.

This year, and every year since we started broadcasting Wildcat Sports, I have relied on a core group of 5 volunteers. I’d like to give a shout-out to all of them. My fellow staff member, Youth Director, Marty McCue, stepped in and produced many games. The “Voice of Wildcat Sports” – commentator, Jim Boyle. “Voice of Wildcat Football” and occasional camera operator, Chris Neville. “Voice of Wildcat Hockey” – commentator, Jay Barrett. Our camera operator, George Breslin. Interns, Hayden Kane and Nick Toth. While he has been unable to be with us this year, Paul Hipple has always been the first to volunteer when the schedules go out – we hope to see him back soon. With the few occasional one-timers, this is it. These guys carry the burden of bringing you Wildcat Sports every year.

We would love to be able to continue coverage of Wildcat Sports at this level going forward, even expand coverage but we CAN NOT do it without your help. You can reach out to me or Marty if you are interested in joining this crew so we can keep this going. – I’m looking at you, sub-varsity programs.

I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to Athletic Director, Mia Muzio and her staff who have taken the brunt of dealing with the challenges of the past year so that the student-athletes had the opportunity to play when many other student programs were shut down.”


Friday June 25, 7PM DUOS! (Program replay:  Saturday, June 26, 7PM)

WCTV brings you the Whipple and Morales Duo. This internationally acclaimed husband and wife team, Kirk Whipple and Marilyn Morales will present an original music and dance program featuring Piano, Flamenco and Tango music and much more! As part of this presentation, they will share a pre-concert lecture beginning at 7PM followed by the concert at 7:30PM. View on channels: Verizon 37, Comcast 9


Monday, June 28, 7PM Board of Selectmen

View on channels: Verizon 37, Comcast 9

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