MWRA Named “Best Of The Best” In National Water Taste Test

Below is a press release from MWRA. Wilmington receives supplemental water from MWRA.

BOSTON, MA — The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has begun mailing its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in its service area.

“This report brings you the results of our annual water quality testing. While 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty, one thing remained constant: the quality of your drinking water was excellent,” said Fred Laskey, MWRA’s Executive Director. “MWRA takes hundreds of thousands of tests each year and for 2020, we again met every federal and state drinking water standard.” Test results for PFAS, the ‘forever chemicals’ that have recently been in the news, were also well below the state’s standards.

MWRA also wants its customers to know that their water was again named ‘Best of the Best’ at a national taste test conducted by the American Water Works Association.

“In just a few years, our water treatment has been upgraded from chlorine with its taste and odor issues, to ozone and ultraviolet light, which resulted in better tasting, safer water,” said Laskey.

The report is distributed to over 850,000 homes in the MWRA service area as required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Community-specific inserts also provide information about municipal water systems in the MWRA service area.

The reports, including a Spanish language version, are also available on-line and a larger-print version is available upon request.

For more information, please visit MWRA’s website at or call 617-242-5323.

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