ROBERTSON: World’s Largest Wind-Turbines To Power Massachusetts In National First

Below is a press release from State Rep. Dave Robertson (D-Tewksbury):

BOSTON, MA — Culminating years of intensive work by the state, federal government, power companies, and private investors the largest wind-farm project in the US – know as Vineyard Wind 1- is moving forward off the coast of Southeast Massachusetts. A joint partnership by Avangrid Renewables and Copenhagen Infrastructure, the turbines will be constructed over the next two years bringing power to hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts homes, businesses, and factories. The massive Haliade-X turbines, built by Boston-based General Electric, will sit atop 62 piles approximately 15 miles offshore.

“This was one of my favorite state-wide initiatives to work on during our committee assignments,” said Representative Robertson. “Being on the Committee for Telecomms, Utilities, and Energy and seeing these wind-turbines in person really drives home the sheer size and capability to supplement our energy generation here. It adds completely clean, private source to increase market competitiveness and drive down energy costs and reduces foreign imports. It also will help lower the amount of natural gas needed to run other power-turbines here, meaning in winter our home-gas costs will be lower overall due to decreased competition.”

The project, which will be the largest in the country so far, has already spurred international investment of up to 3,500 jobs and millions of dollars in Massachusetts calls for hiring from engineers designing the physical project aspects to boat-based support and construction jobs.  While foreign vessels and crews will work on the first project, specialized vessels are already in construction in the US to continue work on future projects, and training programs will allow future expansion in both Massachusetts and elsewhere in the US to be undertaken by US workers. Additional private investment has already inquired about future expansion, seeking to eventually produce 5,600 megawatts offshore.

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