SENIOR CETNER SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington Police Warns Seniors Of Telephone Scams

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Police Chief Joe Desmond in the latest Wilmington Senior Center newsletter:

WILMINGTON, MA — This is a message to inform our residents about an increase in telephone scams in our area and across the country. Residents report that they received phone calls from individuals saying they are with Medicare, the Social Security Administration, or from their personal bank or credit card companies.

Callers can use technology called “spoofing” to make it appear a call or text message is coming from one of these agencies or from your bank. Even though the caller id may show a familiar phone number, you cannot trust caller ID. The best strategy is to avoid these scammers all together, by not answering the phone. If you do answer, hang up if anyone asks you to provide or confirm any personal information!

If you think your bank has called you, call the bank using the number found on your debit or credit card, your monthly statement, or contact your local bank branch. Never provide any caller with the answers to any of your security questions.

Legitimate government agencies like Medicare do not telephone their recipients; they still provide correspondence through the mail. Anyone claiming to be from Medicare, Social Security or the IRS is trying to trick you into giving out personal information. Above all, do not provide or confirm any of your personal information to anyone over the phone that you did not call yourself!

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