Congressman Seth Moulton: We Have A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity To Invest In High-Speed Rail

Below is a press statement from Representative Seth Moulton, who represents Wilmington in Congress, following President Biden’s recent “Build Back Better” speech on infrastructure:

“After more than a year of pandemic-fueled crises, the Biden administration’s commitment to investing in transformational infrastructure will lock in growth and ensure we emerge from the pandemic stronger. There is no way to overstate the significance of this opportunity.

We have the chance to reimagine what is possible for transportation in America. We can choose to squander the opportunity by filling the last generation’s potholes and building new roads that produce the same traffic. We can invest in airports that land more planes and further contribute to climate change. Or we can choose an alternative to both that is cleaner, safer, faster and more reliable. We must choose to invest in high-speed rail.

If we do, we will connect people across the country to new jobs, more affordable housing, shorter commutes, and safer travel.

Demanding investments in high-speed rail that are on par with heavily subsidized road and air travel is not radical but it will be a radical departure from how we currently invest in and think about transportation.

High-speed rail will turn our transportation system from a leading contributor of inequality and emissions to one that lets us tear down highways that divide communities and do our part to fight climate change.

We can create millions of jobs in American manufacturing, compete with our adversaries, and develop new technologies that we can’t even imagine today.

As with so many moments in the last year, in this moment we cannot afford to fail. I look forward to working with the Biden administration to pass the American High-Speed Rail Act and make 21st century transportation a reality.”

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