Wilmington Families Thank Scientists, State Health Officials, Legislators & Activists After Release Of Childhood Cancer Study

Below is a press statement from the Wilmington families whose children were the subject of the recently released Wilmington Childhood Cancer Study:

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Families [whose children were diagnosed with cancer] wish to thank the MA Department of Public Health – Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment for their dedication and in-depth analysis and comprehensive study of Childhood Cancer incidences in the Town of Wilmington.

We appreciate their investment of time and resources to secure a finding that is unquestionable, valid, and complete. They recognized the importance of pairing their public health study with a scientific groundwater model investigation so as to definitively conclude and determine a causal connection of environmental exposure to childhood cancer in Wilmington.

The Families, in particular the cancer surviving children who are now young adults, are optimistic in and enthusiastic about seeing how Science and Technology can effectively merge with community health investigations to produce meaningful answers and undeniable truths.

These brave survivors hope that this historic work and collaboration can provide answers and insights to other communities with similar issues, nationally and around the world. They wish to express that this example of fact-based study can provide societies with informed and complete answers and welcome a future where public health studies will automatically include scientific fact analysis. They envision a healthier world where Science and Technology can routinely engage in and guide all types of businesses toward tangible investments in sustainable environments in order to protect our natural resources and potable water supplies against future contamination.

To the individual Scientists, State Health Officials, Legislators, and local activists who have dedicated themselves to this endeavor, we thank you!

To the late Representative James R. Miceli who proudly and tirelessly represented us in finding an answer, we are especially grateful.

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