Recent Wilmington Real Estate Transactions

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are the real estate transactions in Wilmington:

Address: 28 Burlington Avenue, Unit 3
Price: $375,000
Buyer: Jocelyn Pan & Chia-Te Pan
Seller: Brenlley Properties LLC
Date: 3/5/21
Use: Condo

Address: 77 Eames Street
Price: $1,200,000
Buyer: Natale Brothers Realty LLC
Seller: 77-79 Eames Street
Date: 3/1/21
Use: Manufacturing

Address: 46, 53, 55 Jonspin Road
Price: $40,980,233
Buyer: LML Wilmington LLC
Seller: NBP 2 Wilmington LLC
Date: 3/2/21
Use: R&D Facility

Address: 25 King Street
Price: $710,000
Buyer: Colleen Grant
Seller: Sarah & Alex Volovick
Date: 3/1/21
Use: 1-Family Residence

Address: 10 Pinewood Road
Price: $589,000
Buyer: Caitlin Hagen
Seller: Kristine & Adam Hecht
Date: 3/5/21
Use: 1-Family Residence

Address: 195 Salem Street, Unit 1201
Price: $485,000
Buyer: Charles & Mary Osgood
Seller: John M. Zahlaway
Date: 3/2/21
Use: Condo

Address: 5 Shady Lane Drive
Price: $500,000
Buyer: Brian D. Fortuna
Seller: Melissa J. Wolfe, Trustee for Shady Lane Drive RT
Date: 3/3/21
Use: General Office

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