5 Things To Know In Wilmington On Saturday, March 20, 2021

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are 5 things to know in Wilmington on Saturday, March 20, 2021:

#1) LIBRARY EVENT: Booby-Trapped — The History Of The Bra In America 

The Wilmington Memorial Library is holding a virtual event on the history of the bra at 10:30am.  Enjoy this “uplifting” look at the history of the bra in America. In a 2014 survey of 3,000 women, 92 percent rated their bra, “An enemy. I wish I had never met her.” Before the bra was invented, corsets lifted breasts to artificial heights—but they pushed from below instead of lifting from above. In 1913, using two pocket handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon, socialite Mary Phelps Jacob created the “backless brassiere,” and became the first patent recipient for the modern bra. From Jacob’s invention, to the bullet bra of the 40s, to modern-day pillow cup push-up plunge bras, our boobs have been cinched, flattened down, and lifted up. You can discover a lot about women in history by how much cleavage was showing, and the era’s most desirable breast shape. While it can be argued that a bra is a necessity—­­not an accessory—one of the best feelings at the end of the day is to release ourselves. One thing’s for certain: the American Woman is still waiting for her ideal brassiere! Presented by Ehris Urban & Velya Jancz-Urban of The Grounded Goodwife. Their fun and humorous presentations look at history with a new eye by including topics not generally learned in school. Register HERE.

#2) LIBRARY EVENT: Saturday Storytime

The Wilmington Memorial Library is hosting a Saturday morning storytime at 10:30am on Zoom! Ages 2-5. Register HERE.

#3) LIBRARY EVENT: Social Justice Service Group Meeting

Wilmington teens are invited to join this Social Justice Service Group meeting at 11am! This month we will meet the founders of Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Voices, a non-profit organization that provides Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts with a safe space to connect, share resources, and create systemic change to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in surrounding communities. Learn about their mission, story, and work in our community, including fundraising. Please bring questions for MVBBV!  You will earn community service hours for attending. Grades 9-12. This virtual club is a joint program hosted by the Burlington Public Library, Stevens Memorial Library, Tewksbury Public Library, and Wilmington Memorial Library. Register HERE.

#4) State Police To Hold Sobriety Checkpoint In Or Around Wilmington This Weekend

The Massachusetts State Police will be holding a Sobriety Checkpoint in Middlesex County on Friday, March 19, 2021 into Saturday, March 20, 2021.

Wilmington is one of the 54 cities and towns in Middlesex County.

The purpose of the Sobriety Checkpoint is to detect and remove drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from the roads. The Checkpoint also raises the public’s awareness of law enforcement’s efforts to combat this serious issue.

“Any inconvenience to motorists will be minimized with advanced notice to reduce fear and anxiety,” said Colonel Christopher Mason, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, in the announcement. “The selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary. Safety will be assured.”

The Sobriety Checkpoint is funded through a grant provided by the Highway Safety Division of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.

#5) Dick’s Sporting Goods Offering Wilmington Little League Families A 20% Discount From March 19 To 22

Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering Wilmington Little League families 20% off throughout the store on Friday, March 19, 2021 through Monday, March 22, 2021. This coupon is valid at the Danvers, Medford and Saugus locations.

Dick's Coupon

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