WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV To Hold Annual Meeting On March 24; Covering 3 Meetings Live Over Next Week

Below is an announcement from from Wilmington Community Television:


Tune in to WCTV’s virtual Annual meeting on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 6pm. During the meeting you’ll hear all about what WCTV has been doing this past year to bring you the programs you know and love as well as new projects that will be coming up and more. You’ll also hear from WCTV  Board President, Steve Sabounjian as well as Executive Director, Ryan Malyar about the future of WCTV and what’s next for the studio. View on Verizon 37 and Comcast 9.


COOKING THE BOOKS with: Lisa Crispin

Monday March 22, 2:30PM

Tune in LIVE this fun show about cooking! In each episode Lisa takes a recipe from a cookbook and shares it with you! Follow along and make something great for dinner tonight! View on Verizon 37 and Comcast 9.

TALK OF THE TOWN- featuring: Taylor Breen

Wilmington High School Junior, Taylor Breen has organized a donation campaign for the Northeast Animal Shelter during the month of March. Take a look at this segment to learn more about how you can help!  View on: WCTV.org video on demand.


Thursday, March 18, 7PM Finance Committee

View on channels: Verizon 38 and Comcast 22.

Monday, March 22, 7PM Board of Selectmen

View on channels: Verizon 38, Comcast 22 and Verizon 37 and Comcast 9.

Wednesday, March 24, 7PM School Committee

View on channels: Verizon 38, Comcast 22.


WCTV is located at 10 Waltham Street, Wilmington

Office Hours by Appointment: (978) 657-4066

Questions about WCTV? Contact info@wctv.org

WCTV Channels: Public Channel: Verizon 37, Comcast 9; Meetings & Government: Verizon 38, Comcast 22; Access: Verizon 39. Comcast 99

To watch programs On-Demand or for more information, check us out at www.wctv.org and follow us on Facebook.

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