COVID-19 UPDATE: 5,000+ Wilmington Residents (20%) Are Already Fully Or Partially Vaccinated

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Health Director Shelly Newhouse and Wilmington Fire Chief Bill Cavanaugh recently provided their latest bi-weekly update to the Wilmington Board of Selectmen.

Wilmington’s Latest COVID-19 Cases

The Wilmington Health Department recently reported that Wilmington has 79 active positive cases and a positivity rate of 2.9%. Health Director Shelly Newhouse characterized this as a “slight uptick” from the last 2 weeks.

“We’re averaging around 8 new cases a day. But as 8 come in, 8 fall off,” said Wilmington Health Director Shelly Newhouse. “Our numbers are still pretty low. I’m very happy. We didn’t see a large uptick after school vacation. School-based cases are really low. I am, however, still seeing whole families get it.”

Town Officials Encourage You To Get Vaccinated  

At last week’s Wilmington Board of Selectmen Meeting, Wilmington Fire Chief Bill Cavanaugh urged eligible residents to get vaccinated.

“We need to remain vigilant with our social distancing, wearing a mask, washing our hands, and things of that nature,” Cavanaugh told the Board. “If you’re eligible and looking for it, the vaccine is becoming more widely available…. We highly recommend that if you’re eligible and want to receive the vaccine, that you do so.”

Residents Are Getting Vaccinated — 2,500+ Residents Are Fully Vaccinated, 2,500+ Got First Shot & Waiting For Second

20.56% of Wilmington’s residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to state data. Wilmington is in line with the state’s average of 22%. 5,029 Wilmington residents have received one shot when two is needed, while 2,524 residents are fully vaccinated.

In The End, Wilmington Board Of Health Was Only Given Enough Vaccine For 300 People

The Wilmington Health Department has given 200 people their first and second doses and 100 people their first doses, with their second doses slated for a clinic towards the end of March.

“After that, I don’t expect receiving any more vaccine from the state,” said Health Director Shelly Newhouse. “When people call our department, we try to get them appointments at the mass vaccination sites. People are understanding that we don’t have any more vaccine.”

Look For Outdoor Seating To Return At Many Wilmington Restaurants

Newhouse told the Board of Selectmen that many of the restaurants who applied for outdoor seating over the summer have expressed a desire to continue offering it this spring. Newhouse said she looks forward to assisting the Wilmington business community as the Governor continues to ease restrictions.

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