LETTER: School Committee Candidate Melissa Plowman Will Make A Difference, Understands What Our Children Need To Feel Safe & Excel

To my fellow voters of Wilmington,

First and foremost, I am writing this letter of endorsement for Melissa Plowman as a candidate for the Wilmington School Committee not just because she is a friend, but I truly believe she will make a difference.

Last September, just like the majority of families with children in the Wilmington Public Schools system, my girls – a 5th grader and high school senior – had no clear direction on what their first day of school would look like until two days before school started.  The stress and uncertainty that put on parents and their children was simply unfair and unacceptable.

Like many of you, I was watching the September 15th school committee meeting that occurred just one night before school started.  As I was watching that meeting, to see if any insight would be given to parents, that is when I heard Mellissa Plowman’s plea for our kids well-being for the first time.

From her thoughtfulness and clarity in the way she addressed the committee, to her focus on our children’s emotions, she had everyone’s attention from the moment she began.  Anytime I am discussing the present school situation with a Wilmington parent and mention Melissa’s comments, although at the time they might not have known her name, they know exactly what I am talking about.  She simply nailed it.

Melissa is exactly the type of voice we need to represent our children. Not only does she have two children within the Wilmington School system to advocate for, she has 18 years of experience working in the field of child psychology and in school settings. She understands what our children need to feel safe and what they need to excel. You can learn more about her background here:  https://www.facebook.com/MelissaPlowmanforWilmingtonSchoolCommittee

And if you have not heard Melissa’s comments, I encourage you to visit wctv.org/video-on-demand/ and search for “School Committee – September 15, 2020.  Her comments start at the 9:25 minute mark.  I can almost guarantee after listening, she will earn your vote.  I know she has mine.  Don’t forget to go to the polls on April 24th.


Kyle Bishop

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