RMLD Announces Changes To Service Requirements Handbook

Below is a press release from Reading Municipal Light Department:

READING, MA — The Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) has updated its Service Requirements Handbook effective January 20, 2021. The handbook provides comprehensive information for all customer needs relating to electric service, including residential, commercial, architects, engineers, municipal inspectors, contractors and developers. The handbook is periodically updated to remain consistent with best utility practices and align with current operational goals.

Highlights of the updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarified rebate programs and requirements to ensure efficiency measures are commensurate with rebate offerings, accelerate rebate processing, and capture potential system load changes that may impact transformers and service reliability.
    • Central air conditioning systems have been removed from the Residential Energy Star Appliance Rebate program and will no longer be rebated.
    • Heat pump rebates will be calculated based on the AHRI certified cooling BTU as opposed to the nominal manufacturer’s rating.
    • Electric heat pump hot water heaters have been moved from the Residential Energy Star Appliance Rebate program to their own standalone program with clarified requirements.
    • Rebate frequency has been updated for several rebate programs.
    • Application deadlines have been established and/or updated for each rebate program.
  • Clarified contractor requirements for residential sub-divisions, underground residential distribution systems (URDs), and commercial/industrial electrical service, to promote additional electrification and maintain network reliability.
  • Defined 1,500 kVa as the threshold for primary metering consideration and qualification. Clarified equipment ownership between customer and RMLD.
  • Updated distributed generation resources (i.e. customer-owned generation such as solar) requirements to require impact study for all systems above 150 kW; clarified requirements for systems below 20 kW; clarified disconnect switch requirements for systems between 20 kW and 150 kW.
  • Defined size of RMLD provided transformer at up to and including 750 kW for Non-URD installations.

The handbook is intended to be a comprehensive resource. Seekers of information can use the “Find” functionality on their computer to locate specific information in the document. For assistance with the handbook or further clarification with unique situations, please call the engineering and operations division. The RMLD supplies electricity subject to applicable laws and regulations as well as our Terms and Conditions, policies and procedures, rate schedules, and industry standards. The RMLD reserves the right to revise, amend, or change the information set forth within the applicable laws.

The handbook is available to https://www.rmld.com/about-rmld/pages/electric-service-requirements-handbook.

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