SELECTMEN Congratulate Chas Fiore For Winning ABC’s ‘Best Christmas Light Fight,’ Display Will Hopefully Be Up Until New Year’s

WILMINGTON, MA — At Monday night’s meeting, the Board of Selectmen congratulated Wilmington resident Chas Fiore for recently winning ABC’s ‘Best Christmas Light Fight’ competition and bringing national attention to the community.

“We watched the ‘Best Christmas Light Fight’ last Wednesday. Congrats – spoiler alert – for winning and having the best Christmas light display,” began Selectman Chair Jonathan Eaton. “Thank you for all of the happiness that you brought a lot of people that have been swinging by. Thank you for your efforts for putting smiles on lots of people’s faces.”

“Everyone at school is really proud of you,” said Selectman Greg Bendel, who is a teacher at Shawsheen Tech, where Chas graduated. “Everyone is buzzing about it. It’s nice to talk about something positive with so many negative things in 2020. It was a great way to finish out the year…. Our school is really prod of you. The shop teachers are all excited. Having been over there myself, it’s worth the wait.”

“Congratulations Chas. This was quite a feat,” added Selectman Kevin Caira. “I watched the whole show. I was excited to see Wilmington on national TV. We are very proud of your accomplishments…. You represented Wilmington outstandingly. It is a beautiful display.”

“For once, [your light display] has generated good traffic. I had a few friends sit in the line and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves,” said Selectman Gary DePalma. “The lights were amazing. I hope you do it again next year.”

“It’s so nice to have something so positive happen, and to be represented on national TV is outstanding,” noted Selectwoman Jomarie O’Mahony. “We love that you have become a landmark for the season in Wilmington. Keep up the good work. Next yer, add on to the village.”

“Given the year we had, it’s nice to have this bright spot – literally and figuratively. Great job,” chimed in Town Manager Jeff Hull.

Chas answered a few questions from the Selectmen:

  • Fiore explained that the inspiration for his village design was a street in Hollywood Studios at Disney that he was hoping to recreate. He wanted to take things to the next level after covering his entire house in lights two years ago, so he created the village.
  • The village buildings are “basically just facades.” Regular 2 x 4 wall. Towers are made by 4 x 4 weighted by 55 gallon water barrels bolted on.
  • The display includes 255,000 lights.
  • Fiore hopes to keep the display up until New Year’s, but it’s dependent on traffic issues that have arisen since the show aired.

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