WHS To Likely Change Hybrid Schedule To Create More Synchronous Learning Time, But Would Result In Less In-Person Learning

WILMINGTON, MA — At last week’s Wilmington School Committee Meeting, Principal Linda Peters announced that changes are likely coming to the High School’s hybrid learning schedule beginning in January.

“I have heard from both parents and students that the High School hybrid schedule is not ideal,” wrote Peters in a memo shared with Committee members. “Concerns regarding (1) the limited time dedicated to our Cohort C (full remote) students as well as (2) the long periods of asynchronous time for all cohorts are the major concerns that have been brought to my attention.”

Peters told the School Committee that her Building Committee has begun meeting to review the school’s existing hybrid schedule and investigate other models that may better address the concerns raised by parents.

“We have reviewed 11 different hybrid schedules and have also calculated the in-person, synchronous and asynchronous time scheduled per week for each cohort for each of the schedules,” shared Peters. “Our goal, if a chance is to be made, is to maximize the time students connect with their teachers while providing consistency and continuity with respect to curriculum and content for all cohorts.”

Peters did not share further details with the School Committee as she first wanted to present the options to her staff at their upcoming Curriculum Improvement Time (CIT) day on Wednesday, December 9 and faculty meeting on Wednesday, December 16 to solicit their feedback. Brand does not believe any changes will necessitate changes to the memorandum of agreement with the Wilmington Teachers Association.

Input will also be gathered from students and parents. The School Committee will receive an update later this month.

In response to a question from School Committee member David Ragsdale, Peters noted that creating more synchronous time will likely result in a decrease in in-person learning time.

“The time for synchronous learning has to take away time from some place. We are looking at taking some time away from in-person to make the day synchronous for students in cohorts who aren’t in school on the in-person days,” said Peters. “The in-person time would be reduced, so the time it’s reduced by could be synchronous for cohorts who aren’t in person.”

Peters hopes to implement any scheduling changes in early January when students return from winter break.

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