Order Your ‘Willy The Wildcat Meets 2020’ Merchandise To Support Wilmington Community Television

WILMINGTON, MA — Show your Wilmington pride in the most 2020 way possible — Willy the Wildcat in a face mask!

Our favorite masked-up mascot is now available for a limited time on more than 50 products through Redbubble, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, masks, iphone cases & skins, pillows, mugs, and more. View the catalog HERE.

Wildcat WCTV

All sales will benefit Wilmington Community Television (WCTV).

Established in 1987, WCTV is a non-profit organization serving the media needs of Wilmington, Massachusetts. A 2019 community survey found 9 out of 10 people believe it’s an important part of the community that shouldn’t be lost.  77% of respondents said they had watched a WCTV program in the past year, with a quarter of residents reporting that they watch weekly.

WCTV’s social media channels regularly reach thousands of people each day. The station uses those accounts to promote content from staff and volunteer producers. Last year, WCTV was home to more than 500 locally produced pieces of content, with online viewership measured in tens of thousands of views each year. Programming includes not just traditional studio shows and events, but also podcasts, which have become very popular with our community producers.

WCTV’s Youth Programs run year-round (pre-pandemic) and have grown in recent years to include about 100 students, from 4th grade through high school. These programs have become a vital part of the operation, making connections with families and providing a space for young content creators.

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