LETTER: Vote Conservative, We Need Representatives That Will Buck The Establishment To Protect Our Rights

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter in hopes that those of you that are undecided on this coming election may take a moment to look at current events and ask yourself if you support what you have seen play out over the past several months. We have seen riots where looting and attacks on police officers have become more of a sport than a crime. We have large groups of people calling for the defunding and/or abolishment of the police. We have even heard it reach to Wilmington when a progressive group attempted to stop funding for patrol rifles for WPD. We have seen divisiveness between citizens climb to a level that we have never experienced in our country, where it is now preferential to be a perpetual victim than a functioning member of society.

I love talking to folks about politics and I have come to learn, a majority of us have a common goal. We just have different ideas on how to reach these goals. There is one common theme however that I continually hear. Everyone, and that means just about all I have spoken to, have a certain distaste for our politicians. Usually the comments are that this state/country is screwed up because so and so is a career politician or Democrat (since MA is ruled by Democrats) and they are out of touch with reality. When you get on the subject of the state representatives, you hear them say their Rep or Senator is getting their vote, it just makes my head spin. My followup is always “you just finished telling me things are screwed up yet your voting the incumbent”. The answer is arguably always the same. “He/She is a nice person and they do their jobs well”. The problem is not them, it’s all the others.

The reality of this election is we cannot use the niceness factor as a litmus test for those wanting to represent us. We need representatives that will buck the establishment to protect our rights described by the founding fathers. The Declaration of Independence spells out those three unalienable rights. “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” granted by god. Unfortunately, this election we are on the cusp of losing the Liberty Americans once cherished so dearly that they sent hundreds of thousands of young men across the globe to die protecting.This is whats at stake!

Today we see a Washington that is divided not by ideals and morals but by the letter that comes after one’s names. We have representatives that vote how the heads of their party tell them to vote and not how their constituency votes. This way of doing business has to stop, We need to vote people in that display genuine common sense and someone willing to say no to party leadership when their constituents interest conflicts with party. Staying home is not an option this election cycle because we will have a very different country next year if we continue down the road many have us traveling on. I ask that as your considering whom to cast your vote for, that you vote the conservative candidate because at this moment we should all fear what our republic will become under liberal control.

Rob Fasulo

Chairman – Wilmington Republican Town Committee

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2 thoughts

  1. Rob I supported you for Selectman in Wilmington and probably would do it again. As a stopgap against majority rule, I also wish there more to get the majority there. But Ideology doesn’t get it for State Representative, a vote for AD is a wasted vote. Each one of us has the right to vote and I hope all do on November 3rd. Vote David Robertson for State Representative 19th Middlesex District.

  2. Sorry, Alec, I am voting for Rep. David Robertson for reelection. Dave has done so much for the Towns of Tewksbury and Wilmington during his first years in office. David is so great for the people of the Towns and also for the Veterans that live here. He is always in attendance at all of the holidays celebrated for our great men that served this country, and for those that are currently serving. How much effort have you put in Alec in this regard. I don’t think you have done anything. Vote for Rep. David Robertson on November 3, 2020 for reelection. He is the best man for the position. Thank you!

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