STATE REP RACE: MassGOP Criticizes Robertson For Missing Campaign Finance Reports, Robertson Responds, Treasurer Resigns

Below is a press release from the MassGOP followed by a response from the Robertson campaign:

Tewksbury Democratic State Rep. David Robertson hasn’t filed an expenditure with OCPF since last spring

WOBURN, MA — Records show that Democratic state Rep. David Robertson hasn’t submitted a single expenditure aside from recurring $3 bank fees to the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance since at least early April. 

The Tewksbury lawmaker, currently facing a challenge from Republican Alec DiFruscia, had more than $21,400 in his campaign account as of September 30.


Massachusetts general laws hold that failing to report expenditures is punishable “by imprisonment for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or both.”

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Robertson’s malfeasance is yet another symptom of Beacon Hill’s one-party Democratic rule. 

“Being a Democrat in Massachusetts apparently means you don’t have to play by the rules,” Lyons said. “The fact that it was MassGOP staff who spotted this scheme and not OCPF should alarm everyone, regardless of party affiliation.”

Response from State Rep. Dave Robertson: 

TEWKSBURY, MA — Representative David Robertson responded personally to the MassGOP’s inflammatory and insinuating press release regarding the Robertson campaign’s expenditure reporting on the Commonwealth’s OCPF. 

“In a series of unfortunate oversights, my campaign’s Treasurer fell behind on reporting regular and expected campaign expenses. My Treasurer under question in this forced Republican narrative regarding so-called ‘transparency’ serves with distinction on the Wilmington School Committee. However, due to the unprecedented scope and scale of the required COVID-19 response by our school systems, he fell delinquent in his necessary filings. I have accepted both his apology, as well as his resignation. Our campaign is moving forward, always in a professional manner, with a new Treasurer — and we will continue to work for the voters of both Tewksbury and Wilmington as we prepare for my second term as the State Representative for the 19th Middlesex.”

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One thought

  1. I find this to be pretty typical of our democratic politicians. So you have to lay this at the feet of your treasurer? You can’t take responsibility it’s your campaign, your name is on the sign not the treasurer of your campaign nor the school committee member in Wilmington. You should take responsibility and not blame others. It’s time for a change.

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