LETTER: DiFruscia Will Fight To Control Spending & Taxes On Beacon Hill; Defend The Police; Oppose Sanctuary Cities & State

Dear Editor:

The radical Democrats on Beacon Hill are doing everything they can to destroy Massachusetts, take away our freedoms, erase our history, punish the police and turn us into a socialist state. We can’t let that happen. That’s why I’m supporting Republican Alec DiFruscia for State Representative this November.

Alec DiFruscia will fight to control spending and taxes on Beacon Hill. He’s pledged to vote against any and all tax increases – a promise we desperately need in this era of money-hungry State House leaders. Alec will defend, not defund, our police officers. Alec will never vote to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

Alec DiFruscia will stand up for the working families, senior citizens and children of Massachusetts. He’s smart, energetic and working hard to win.

On the other hand, the Democrat incumbent votes with the house speaker the vast majority of the time. He has voted for tax hikes more than once, including the graduated income tax and a vote to allow for a gas tax. The Democrat incumbent also voted to block transparency measures and maintain the shroud of secrecy around the Democrat-controlled state legislature.

But there’s good news. With your support, Alec DiFruscia will bring private-sector experience, commonsense and accountability to Beacon Hill. Please, join me and support Alec DiFruscia for State Representative.

Brian Genest

Massachusetts Republican State Committeeman

Second Essex & Middlesex ~ Andover, Dracut, Lawrence & Tewksbury

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One thought

  1. Sorry Alec, you seem to use the same lies to try to get into the seat of the Representative for the towns of Tewksbury and Wilmington. Representative David Robertson did not vote to raise taxes and also to raise the gas tax! Dave is a democrat with a mind of his own. When you vote on November 3, 2020 you can vote for a Republican or Democratic President. That will make the difference whether or not we go to a Socialist Country. It is not up to the Representative to make this decision. Dave would NEVER vote to defund the Police, so stop using the same lines to make him look bad. I am sick of you spreading lies about Dave!! VOTE FOR REPRESENTATIVE DAVID ROBERTSON on November 3, 2020 for re-election! He is the best man for the job! Thank you!

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