LETTER: Dave Robertson Has Delivered As Our State Rep, Deserves To Be Re-Elected

Dear Editor,

Tip O’Neill once said, “all politics are local.”  That statement is still true today.  The residents of Wilmington and Tewksbury had many fine candidates to choose from two years ago, but I think they got it right in selecting Dave Robertson as our state representative.  I feel that Dave has delivered as our state rep.

He has been visible at annual events in both towns and has been a sponsor of many fundraisers and non-profits throughout the last two years.

He has brought back money for projects in both Wilmington and Tewksbury and helped to improve infrastructure in both towns, specifically improvements along Route 38 and the long overdue improvements to the North Wilmington train station.

Last month Dave voted against the recent police reform bill in the house.   He is a supporter of police in both communities, not just during voting season.  Dave is also a supporter of veterans and veteran’s services.

Character, integrity, and transparency are all words that I would use to describe Dave Robertson.  Any important local meeting in either town, Dave has been there to give  insight from a state rep  perspective.   He regards this as a 24×7 position.  He has helped several residents of both communities during the COVID 19 crisis, including helping small businesses with loans and individuals applying for state benefits.

We are living in a time of political polarization.  I miss the days when politics didn’t seem so divisive and didn’t ruin friendships over political opinions, politicians, and how government should be run.   Dave Robertson is a breath of fresh air in our political environment and is someone that members of all political parties and opinions can   embrace and be happy to have as our state rep.   It’s about constituent service and doing what he feels is right for the residents of both Wilmington and Tewksbury.

I look forward to giving Dave Robertson my vote on November 3rd and I ask my fellow residents to please consider giving him their vote, as well.


Brian Kane


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