LETTER: Robertson Voted With Democrats 92.5% Of The Time During His First Year In Office, “He Goes Along To Gets Along”

Dear Editor,

Last week, I read a piece by Mr. and Mrs. Champoux expressing their support for Democrat State Rep. Dave Robertson for voting “his conscience rather than along party lines.” I felt I had to respond to this misleading claim with the facts. According to the Lowell Sun, in his first year in office, Mr. Robertson votes along party lines 92.5% of the time.  

I also find it notable that Mr. and Mrs. Champoux claim that when it comes to legislating, Rep. Robertson’s “default position is kindness.”  But kindness isn’t a “position” when it comes to making tough policy decisions.

When faced with a vote on advancing the graduated income tax, was Rep. Robertson able to say “kindness!” while others voted “aye” or “no”? No, of course not. Rep. Robertson voted along party lines and said “aye!” to raising taxes on small businesses and working people. Just a few weeks ago, Rep. Robertson voted to give unelected bureaucrats the power to raise our gas and diesel taxes. Those were party line votes – plain and simple. 

It seems that Mr. Robertson has fallen right in line with Democrat party leadership and has quickly become part of the go-along-to-get-along crowd on Beacon Hill. At the end of the day, a supermajority by either party in the State House fosters an environment where new ideas are pushed aside for the status quo, taxpayers’ voices are replaced by those of special interests, and State Representatives think they can fool us because hey, they’re a nice guy. Rep. Robertson cannot fool me. His voting record speaks for itself.

Bob McKenna

Vice Chair, Tewksbury Republican Town Committee

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2 thoughts

  1. I fully disagree with you, Bob McKenna. Representative Dave Robertson votes the way he feels that would be the best way to keep our Towns afloat monetarily. He does not only vote on party lines. I know him very well, and I know that nobody will influence him how he votes on certain bills that are brought in front of him. He is an experienced Town Representative, and I know when he votes for or against something, he definitely has a good reason! Please don’t knock him the way you have. Representative Dave Robertson is our best choice for reelection to his position. Vote for Representative Dave Robertson on November 3, 2020! Thank you!

  2. In today’s nasty nasty political environment, “goes along to get along” is good thing. But if you have issue with Dave’s voting record, please review and discuss the specific votes that he has 92.5% time made, comparing and contrasting the specifics of why his votes are bad, that would make for a great article helping voters understand your positions vs Dave’s. I’m not changing my vote based on your catchy little phrase of “goes along to get along”!

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