Wildwood Cemetery Has New Decoration Rules

WILMINGTON, MA — On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the Wilmington Cemetery Commission held a brief meeting during which it approved new rules around the decorations of lots and graves at the Wildwood Cemetery.

The following rules were implemented to “preserve the aesthetic quality and uniformity of Wilmington’s cemetery, and to ensure the safety of the public and cemetery staff”:

  1. Flowers may be brought onto the grounds for decorative purposes, but glass containers are not allowed. Flowers and wreaths left on graves will be removed as soon as they fade or become unsightly.  
  2. Flowers and decorations must not exceed the width of the lot, the height of the headstone, and no more than one foot (12 inches) forward of the headstone.  Any decorations outside of these limits will be removed.  Any decorations or objects that create a safety concern for the public and cemetery staff will be removed by staff when encountered.
  3. The Town of Wilmington will not be responsible for damage or theft of any flowers, decorations, holders, statues, receptacles or any type of memorializing item that is left at a grave. The Cemetery Commission suggests not placing items of any actual or personal worth at the graves. 
  4. Cemetery employees will remove all Christmas decorations, not removed by the family, starting April 15.
  5. No planting of any kind is allowed in the Wildwood Cemetery. No digging, mulch, decorative stone, marble chips, gravel, sod, fencing or borders are allowed in the cemetery at any location.
  6. Funeral flowers and decorations will be allowed for 14 days following any interment and for 7 days before and after a federal or religious holiday.
  7. The Commission has the right to have removed any shrub, hedge, root or branch that they may deem detrimental to other cemetery lots or public safety.
  8. Nothing is permanently allowed on top of or attached to the top of any monument.
  9. Decorations located in the Veterans Section and single graves are limited to one shatter-resistant container with a maximum diameter of 8 inches or one floral basket not to exceed a width of 12 inches per grave.
  10. Flags and flag holders honoring Veterans may remain year-round.  Flags will be placed adjacent to horizontal monuments.
  11. No Shepherd hooks will be allowed on any lot or grave.

“These better clarify the current rules and regulations that we have,” said Wilmington DPW Director Mike Woods. “These will get us a little more organized in the Veterans Section so things are in an orderly fashion there.”

There were no public comments or questions from the Commission.

Commission members Jack Cushing, Cynthia McCue, and Pasquale D’Antonio unanimously approved the new decoration rules, 3-0.

The cemetery’s entire 10-page rules & regulations packet can be read HERE.

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