STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 53 Wilmington Students Named To Dean’s List At UMass Lowell

Below is an announcement from UMass Lowell:

LOWELL, MA — 53 Wilmington residents have been named to the Dean’s List at the University of Massachusetts Lowell for the Spring 2020 semester:

  • Michael Scaramozzino, majoring in art
  • Sophia Bonaccorsi, majoring in art
  • Deepshikha Ananthaswamy, majoring in biology
  • William Ammon, majoring in biology
  • Shannon Horgan, majoring in biomedical engineering
  • Amie Russell, majoring in biomedical engineering
  • Raymond Russell, majoring in biomedical engineering
  • Cameron Albert, majoring in biomedical engineering
  • Jasmine Le, majoring in business administration
  • Thomas Downs, majoring in business administration
  • Cameron Saragosa, majoring in business administration
  • Alexandra Wargo, majoring in business administration
  • Kelly Dankese, majoring in business administration
  • Marlon Felisberto, majoring in business administration
  • Matthew Botte, majoring in business administration
  • Kevin Fothergill, majoring in business administration
  • John Le, majoring in chemical engineering
  • Darshana Hari, majoring in clinical lab sciences
  • Christopher Patrone, majoring in computer engineering
  • Shane Calla, majoring in computer science
  • Scott Gordon, majoring in computer science
  • Steven McHugh, majoring in criminal justice
  • Joseph Wilson, majoring in criminal justice
  • Patrick OKeefe, majoring in criminal justice
  • John Cox, majoring in criminal justice
  • Haley DiLorenzo, majoring in criminal justice
  • Nicholas Russo, majoring in criminal justice
  • Peter Marino, majoring in criminal justice
  • Emily Clemente, majoring in education
  • Jocelyn Sullivan, majoring in education
  • Thomas Hogan, majoring in electrical engineering
  • Aidan Connor, majoring in English
  • Leah Leite, majoring in environmental science
  • Moesha Jane Beray, majoring in exercise physiology
  • Lauren Field, majoring in exercise science
  • Serena Tyrie, majoring in history
  • Samantha DeMonico, majoring in liberal arts
  • Brian Dussault, majoring in liberal arts
  • Nicole Boyajian, majoring in mathematics
  • Michael Russo, majoring in mechanical engineering
  • Drew Foley, majoring in mechanical engineering
  • Michelle Chen, majoring in nursing
  • Danielle Baldi, majoring in nursing
  • Lia Kourkoutas, majoring in nursing
  • Sarah Busby, majoring in nursing
  • Kayla Martin, majoring in pharmaceutical sciences
  • Mark Buchanan, majoring in political science
  • Rachele DiFava, majoring in psychology
  • Keara MacCorkle, majoring in psychology
  • Brianna Kumm, majoring in public health
  • Samuel Vince, majoring in public health
  • Benjamin DeSantis, majoring in undeclared business
  • Ryan Butler, majoring in undeclared engineering

UMass Lowell is a national research university located on a high-energy campus in the heart of a global community. The university offers its more than 18,000 students bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in business, education, engineering, fine arts, health, humanities, sciences and social sciences. UMass Lowell delivers high-quality educational programs, vigorous hands-on learning and personal attention from leading faculty and staff, all of which prepare graduates to be leaders in their communities and around the globe.

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