LETTER: Wilmington Travel Basketball Thanks Town Of Wilmington For Allowing It To Safely Offer Youth Clinic This Summer

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Wilmington Travel Basketball Board, I want to thank the Town of Wilmington for its commitment to our youth.

2020 has been a challenging year. The novel coronavirus has and continues to impact our community and our families – specifically our children.

Overnight, our children lost the opportunity to attend school in-person, socialize with friends and compete in youth sports.  The impact on our children has been great, and I expect, will have lasting affect. As a parent, I worry. I trust many of you are worried, too.

Yet, I feel fortunate to live in a town that keeps the safety and well-being of its children central to its operating principles and overall focus.

While preparation for the 2020-2021 academic year is (and should be) the primary focus of our elected and hired town officials, their commitment to youth sports and activities must be commended.  And, it is their commitment that allowed for our kids to actually be kids during an unprecedented time in our history.

Thank you to the town of Wilmington – our town manager, Jeff Hull, our esteemed board of selectman, our dept health and human services, Shelly Newhouse, our recreational department, our police department and countless others working in concert to keep our community informed, our youth engaged in sports, and our local organizations abreast of guidelines and measures to allow for safe interactions on our towns fields, courts and play areas.

Thanks to the efforts of our town leaders, Wilmington Travel Basketball was able to offer its skills and drills clinics to the youth in our community this summer. This free-of-charge, 7-week clinic wrapped up this week and I’m pleased to share over 150 boys and girls, ages 8-14, took advantage of the opportunity to hit the courts, see their friends and improve their ball skills. The energy was palpable and the smiles were many.

And none of this would have been possible without the leadership in our town. Thank you.

In appreciation,

Joe Maiella

Wilmington Travel Basketball President

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